Emanuel de Bellis receives recognition for his research on autonomous shopping systems

The Swiss Academy of Marketing Science (SAMS) rewarded Emanuel de Bellis and Gita Johar with the 2021 Rigour & Relevance Research Award based on their joint paper “Autonomous Shopping Systems: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Consumer Adoption.” The paper was published in the Journal of Retailing and explores autonomous forms of shopping systems. Specifically, the paper examines how these systems challenge psychological consumption motives and ingrained human-machine relationships due to the delegation of decisions and tasks to technology.

The award was handed over by Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter at The Dolder Grand in Zurich as part of the Swiss Branding Congress in August 2021. The Rigour & Relevance Research Award is given for research that has received extraordinary recognition in the scientific community and makes a significant contribution to solving timely and relevant issues in marketing practice. A second award was given to Monica Deyer Staub from ZKB for her contributions to marketing science in terms of cognitive biases in marketing communication.


Further information: https://www.academy-of-marketing-science.ch/die-awards/preistraeger-2021