IBT publishes new book on how customer insights are transforming in the age of machine learning

Together with colleagues from Porsche AG and the Institute for Customer Insight (ICI-HSG), Emanuel de Bellis edited a new book demonstrating the growing impact of machine learning and data analytics on the generation of customer insights.

The Machine Age of Customer Insight illustrates the opportunities and challenges of the transformation process for businesses in general and customer insights more specifically, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. It does so by drawing upon case studies of how well-known companies have gained a competitive advantage by transforming customer insights into business value and by providing a hands-on overview of key machine learning tools. It also discusses the success factors in using machine learning tools including data privacy, data competitions, and data visualization.

Written by thought leaders from renowned American and European universities as well as innovative firms, the book is divided into three sections that explore key areas:

  • How the field of customer insights is being transformed
  • Machine learning tools that can generate customer insights
  • How the management of customer insights can lead to success