Swiss newspapers cover research by Emanuel de Bellis and Jonas Görgen on perception and use of smart products

Major Swiss newspapers such as Tagesanzeiger, Basler Zeitung, and Berner Zeitung report on the Smart Products Report 2022 published by IBT researchers Emanuel de Bellis and Jonas Görgen.

An article in Tagesanzeiger focused on the apparent contradiction between the high adoption of smart products—73% of Swiss consumers own at least one smart product—and reservations that consumers have towards these products. For example, the Swiss are concerned about the large amounts of data collected by smart products, and they fear that using smart products results in unlearning specific skills such as cooking and cleaning. More broadly, the Tagesanzeiger quotes Emanuel de Bellis as follows: «We increasingly think about what technology does to us.»

Already in the past, Swiss media have reported on several studies by IBT researchers on smart products, focusing on the time-saving nature of these devices and whether smart products makes us dumb. These articles in the popular press are based on IBT research demonstrating that these new types of technologies are not unreservedly adopted by consumers, and that manufacturers should take barriers to consumer adoption seriously.

The Smart Products Report 2022, now in its second edition, is based on a representative study on the use and perception of smart products in Switzerland. The report shows that smart products are widely used in Switzerland and are increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. The findings also suggest that the perception of and relationship with these technologies is changing. For example, consumers perceive that these technologies increasingly take over the lead while they humanize their smart helpers by giving them nicknames.

Download the Selected Insights of the report for free in English or German.

Access the detailed Smart Products Report 2022 (44 pages and in English) here.