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Our goal is to help learners at any level to develop new skills and ways to think across our courses. Our teaching style is person-centered, interactive, and skill oriented. Participants across education levels describe our courses as challenging and requiring a high level of commitment but rewarding and significantly contributing to their careers.


  • Methods: Empirical Social Research (de Bellis)


  • Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science (de Bellis, Hildebrand, Stachl)
  • Behavioral Science and Technology (MBI; de Bellis)
  • Biostatistics (JMM; de Bellis)
  • Consumer Behavior and Research Methods (MiMM; Hildebrand)
  • Digital Footprints and AI for Psychometrics (MBI; Stachl)
  • Judgment and Decision Making (MiMM; de Bellis, Hildebrand)
  • Machine Learning for Marketers (MiMM; Hildebrand)
  • Mobile Sensing and Behavioral Metrics (MBI; Stachl)
  • Web Data & Digital Analytics (MiMM; Hildebrand)

We thank datacamp for supporting some of our Master courses.


  • Basics in Experimental Research (PMA; de Bellis, Sirén)
  • Research Seminar on Marketing & Behavioral Science (PMA; de Bellis, Hildebrand, Stachl)
  • Statistics with R (PMA; Hildebrand)
  • Writing Excellent Dissertations in Marketing (PMA; Gollnhofer, Hildebrand)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Behavioral Science (on-demand; Stachl)

Selected Courses