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Anouk Bergner, Ph.D.

Affiliated, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Anouk Bergner is an affiliated postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Behavioral Science and Technology and the TechX lab at the University of St. Gallen. Her research is at the intersection of human-computer interaction, psychology, and marketing. She specifically focuses on understanding how our perceptions of novel conversational technologies influence our experiences and choices. She employs various research methods, from online and field experiments to large language models, to gain deeper insights into emerging dynamics between humans and AI.

Anouk earned her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from Princeton University and her master’s degree in Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics. After several years in research-oriented industry roles at Procter & Gamble and Coty, she transitioned back to academia in 2018 to pursue her Ph.D. and successfully defended her doctoral thesis in 2022.

Her research has been published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Cognition as well as practitioner-oriented outlets, such as the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review. She has served as an ad hoc reviewer for several journals, including Management Science and the Journal of Business Research.

Outside of the lab, Anouk can be found trying to keep up with her two kids and one enormous dog. Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, she is always up for hitting the slopes for some skiing.

See her Full CV for more information.

Selected Publications

  • Bergner, A., Hildebrand, C., & Häubl, G. (2023). Machine Talk: How Verbal Embodiment in Conversational AI Shapes Consumer-Brand Relationships. Journal of Consumer Research, Forthcoming.
  • Hartmann, J., Bergner, A., & Hildebrand, C. (2023). MindMiner: Uncovering Linguistic Markers of Mind Perception as a New Lens to Understand Consumer-Smart Object Relationships. Journal of Consumer Psychology, Forthcoming.
  • Hildebrand, C., & Bergner, A. (2021). Conversational robo advisors as surrogates of trust: onboarding experience, firm perception, and consumer financial decision making. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49, 659-676.
  • Hildebrand, C., & Bergner, A. (2019). AI-Driven Sales Automation: Using Chatbots to Boost Sales. NIM Marketing Intelligence Review, 11(2).
  • Bergner, A., Oppenheimer, D. M., & Detre, G. (2019). VAMP (Voting Agent Model of Preferences): A computational model of individual multi-attribute choice. Cognition, 192, 103971.