Doctoral student Sarah Kritzler joins the IBT for a research stay to work with Clemens Stachl on predicting life outcomes using mobile sensing data.

Sarah Kritzler, a PhD candidate in the Psychological Methods lab at Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), joins to IBT for a research stay of eight weeks to work with Prof. Dr. Clemens Stachl. In her research, Sarah has used subjective questionnaire data from experience sampling studies to investigate the interplay between personality, everyday situations, and behavior. Her studies emphasize the importance of studying the dynamic of personality, situations, and behaviors together to better understand the functioning and effects of personality.

To complement her findings with more objective data on people’s everyday behavior, Sarah Kritzler is now teaming up with Clemens Stachl. Together, they will work on predicting life outcomes using smartphone sensing data assessing people’s everyday behaviors and situations.

Sarah will be at the IBT from mid-February to mid-April. To learn more about her research, visit her homepage.