At the IBT, we embrace a culture of transparency and reproducibility that is reflected in our teaching and research.

To increase the reusability of our work, we publish the syntax, materials and datasets alongside our manuscripts. This is especially important for publications that entail some development of new approaches to process, analyze, or visualize different forms of data and confirmatory analyses. Additionally, we pre-register our hypotheses to improve the reliability of our work.

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  • Feature Extraction package – Behavioral Log Data:
  • VoiceR: Vocal Feature Extraction for Social Scientists: Francesc Busquet, Christian Hildebrand, and William Hampton are in the process to release a new R package that automatically extracts and analyzes audio data for social scientists. The package uses a simple to use interface including a Shiny App that automatically produces also an APA ready writeup of the analysis output. The corresponding paper is under review and available on request.