The IBT is dedicated to creating open-source software that simplifies complex experimental setups, prioritizing accessibility and straightforward documentation for fellow researchers.

At IBT, we’re dedicated to making research easier. We create open-source focused at facilitating and automating analytical processes and setting up complex experimental setups.

voiceR: Voice Analytics for Social Scientists

voiceR is an R package that simplifies and largely automates practical voice analytics for social science research. This package offers an accessible and easy-to-use interface, including an interactive Shiny app, that simplifies the processing, extraction, analysis, and reporting of voice recording data in the behavioral and social sciences. The package includes batch processing capabilities to read and analyze multiple voice files in parallel, automates the extraction of key vocal features for further analysis, and automatically generates APA-formatted reports for typical between-group comparisons in experimental social science research.


oFeeds provides a collection of oTree apps that mimic news, shopping- and social media feeds to enable marketing researchers to create more realistic stimuli for their research. Importantly, researchers can manipulate a feed in a matter of seconds without writing code: just as content management systems, oFeeds is designed such that one only has to change one .csv file to change the feed being displayed.