In recognition of the evolving landscape of everyday technology in our lives and the need for more authentic research environments, the Living Lab provides a space where students and researchers can explore human behavior in real-life, technology-enhanced settings.

The Living Lab features a modern living room where technology can be experienced and behavioral experiments can be conducted in a natural, yet controlled environment.

Multi-Modal Sensors for Naturalistic Behavioral Research

Multi-modal sensors (e.g., air quality, microphones, movement sensors, eye-tracking) distributed in the technology-enhanced living space (e.g., smart speakers, robot vacuums, indoor drones) allow for an unobtrusive and passive collection of behavioral data. These rich, multi-sensor data are simultaneously tracked and processed in an adjoining control room featuring high-performance computing systems. This combination makes the living lab ideal to study objective human behavior, social and human-technology interactions, and decisions in a rigorous and ecologically valid way. The Living Lab thus perfectly complements the existing research infrastructure at HSG—especially the HSG Behavioral Lab—by providing a naturalistic environment instead of a traditional laboratory setting.